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Choosing AV Suppliers: What To Look Out For

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The days of putting on a big event where people gather together may seem a little distant right now, but before you know it the UK will be back in a position where properly socially distanced events are back on the menu, and we will certainly need them!

Now, once we’re in that much better place, we are all going to be looking for a bit of extra light and sound to brighten 2021. Corporate events and celebrations will be a great way to remind everyone of the spirit and teamwork that has kept us going through these dark months. However, anyone who’s ever had to organise an event will tell you that agreeing that you should put one on is the easy part. It’s everything else that’s surprisingly difficult!

From location to accessibility, there are a million and one things to think about when you’re putting on an event, but the audio-visual (AV) side of things should not be a headache.

With the right audio-visual equipment supplier, you will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that your big event will go off without a hitch. Here are a few things that you and your business should be looking out for when you start your search.

Look For A Good Range Of Options For Audio Visual Hire

When you’re in a restaurant, having too many different things to choose from tends to be a warning sign. When you’re looking at hiring audio visual equipment, it’s a good thing. You want a guarantee that your AV supplier can cater to a wide range of audio visual needs and requirements, and that they can work to different scales and different budgets. A broad selection on everything from DJ decks and theatre lighting to signal cables and fog machines shows that they are going to be able to find the right fit for you. There should be more than “the expensive one” and “the cheap one”, there should be a range of different equipment for a range of different venues to ensure that you are getting the most for your money.

Look For Flexibility In Audio Visual Suppliers

This section ties into the above point, but it’s so important when you’re planning an event where you need AV equipment that you feel confident that your supplier will be able to work with you. It would help if you had a supplier who’s comfortable catering to the needs of a business and a private customer, who has the ability to rig an event for an entire company and a back-garden anniversary party. Inflexibility is often the mark of a lack of expertise and experience, so if they’re hesitating on whether or not they can provide what you need, then it might be time to keep looking. Remember: a good supplier will always discuss how they can make what they have work for you, rather than telling you that you need to change your plans to suit them, so make sure they’re easy to get in touch with ahead of time.

Look For Expertise And Experience

Well, this one sounds simple enough, doesn’t it, but you’d be surprised how many businesses do not put in the legwork when it comes to sourcing the right AV supplier. It’s understandable on one level when there are so many things to consider, but if you rush into picking a supplier for the equipment, then you will not be happy with the results on the day. Make sure that the company you have chosen have a proven track record, that they clearly understand your needs, and that they are confident making suggestions and talking you through your ideas. It’s not enough that they sell the equipment you are looking for, they should be able to take you through a range of options based on the kind of event you’re planning. They should also be au fait with the latest developments in technology and the market, and not offering the same rigs from a decade ago. If in doubt, hop on the phone with them to talk through your questions, concerns and plans.

Look For Past Customer Satisfaction

You wouldn’t buy a desk lamp online without looking at customer reviews, so why should something as big as AV equipment be any different? A good AV supplier will not only have glowing references, but they will also be looking to foster repeat business with the companies and businesses they have supplied in the past, so make sure you look for that kind of customer satisfaction. If in doubt, head online to seek out reviews and feedback from businesses who have used their services. It would help if you also talked to your colleagues and friends in other sectors about the suppliers that they have used. Ask if they’ve hired your shortlisted av supplier for video conferencing or events and if they had the technology and expertise to give you the services you need.

Choose The Best AV Supplier For Your Business

Energy AV Sales delivers superb AV supplies to businesses across the UK and Europe, no matter your budget and specific requirements. Their team can offer your business the very best brands and the very best prices. They have a wide range of equipment and experience working with the events industry across the UK. They can also help with video conferencing and much more. Their expertise means that they will only recommend equipment that suits your business’ needs, and they are ready to talk you through the options available.

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