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Top Trends in AV Solutions in 2021

top trends in av solutions in 2021

As we head further into the new year, and with news that the current vaccination programme is hitting targets, we are confident that many reading this are dreaming of the days when they will again be able to listen to live music and go to the cinema watch new releases.

While these days are still some time off, nothing stops creative individuals from planning how they will overcome any future obstacles that they might face. With technology changing every day, and as trends come and go, it can sometimes appear to be a challenge in itself to keep up.

As typically happens with time, new trends develop and change with the environment and other factors, often with the blink of an eye.

If you are one of those people wanting to keep up with trends but not knowing where to start, fear not, for you have found yourself in the right place!

Detailed below is a helpful and easy-to-read list of some of the top trends to expect in the AV solutions industry, as we head further into the year.

Covid-19 has certainly impacted several industries worldwide, both directly and indirectly. For some, adjusting to the new way of life and the seemingly constant use of technology was a walk in the park, while for others, this was a huge learning curve, which required the purchase of necessary equipment to keep working.

The AV industry has always been adaptable, which is no more accurate than the present. While some sectors struggling, those in the AV industry have taken things in their stride and have adapted how they do things to take their work online. Teaching themselves and others about AV solutions was one way they did this, which was beneficial to many.

Minimal Audio Equipment with Maxed Out Sound

Any music lovers reading this are sure to agree with us on this; we enjoy our music loud, and to a level where we can hear every beat and melody! Having crisp-sounding music makes a world of difference to audio-visual practices, no matter the project you are working on currently.

Concerning using minimal audio equipment, this is a bit of a given and is in the name. By minimising the amount of equipment you are using, and streamlining the processes you use to create your final products, there is reduced risk of anything going wrong in the meantime. You won’t need to focus on numerous things at once. That is not to say that things would be super easy all the time; being creative can be draining!

Optimal sound generally comes with many wires, but this is something that is proposed to be obsolete through the introduction of wireless speakers to the market; the use of cables has decreased over time. Wireless audio equipment has been slowly creeping into the audio-visual world and is sure to be appealing to those who like a clean set-up. If you love listening to music through wireless headphones, then you’ve probably already seen the rise in wireless tech. Today, it’s gone beyond just headphones, and you get loads of wireless audio tech.

Not to mention, wireless equipment also looks aesthetically pleasing in the home, for those who work from home usually, or who have taken up a hobby in audio-visuals due to the lockdowns we have experienced.

State-of-the-Art Headphones for Music Listening and More

Mainly if you are a DJ by trade, having high-quality headphones to listen to the mixes you have made is essential, so you can adequately alter and change components where required. While it is pleasant to hear your music through the speakers at an event, it is also crucial that you are protecting your ears’ health at the same time. Also, headphones can help you to achieve the high-quality sounds that your listeners expect.

That means finding a pair of headphones that will suit your needs. There are headphones to suit everyone from wireless headphones through to noise-cancelling ones that cut out all outside noise. So, you’ll always be able to find a pair that suits you.

Noise-cancelling earphones have exploded onto the markets over recent years, and these headphones have continued to gather attention and popularity from the masses; this is something that is set to continue as we head further into 2021. A huge trendsetter in the AV solutions world, and one which does not appear to be slowing down, there are wired and wireless noise-cancelling headphones available for budding DJs and beyond. Again, these headphones ideal for those who want to limit the number of wires in their set-up as possible.

While noise-cancelling headphones are suited to those who work in the DJing and music industries, these headphones have also become a staple piece of equipment in the home throughout the pandemic. If you live in a home where a few you are attending online lessons, or are in back-to-back meetings regularly, it is not ideal to use your computer’s speakers when wanting some privacy, which is where high-quality noise-cancelling headphones come into play.

Holographic Imaging to Vamp Up an Event

It is not something that has been used much before now but is certainly a trend to keep your eyes on this year! Championed by numerous artists and singers over the years, we could expect to see holographic imaging reach a whole new level when events start happening again.

While holograms can depict images from the present time, they can also incorporate elements of what once was in the past and what might be in the future. Dramatically enhancing the experience of those who witness them, by encouraging engagement and piquing interest, we are confident that we will be seeing more holograms being used in the future.

From music festivals and gigs, through to interactive exhibits, it is a trend in the audio-visual world that is sure to reach new heights in the coming months and years. What’s more, holograms could even be coupled with other trends set to take off this year, to create a spectacle masterpiece!

While these are but some of the top trends to expect in the AV solutions industry in 2021, we are confident that there will be plenty more cropping up over time. Further advancements in technology are sure to also lead to several new trends appearing. We are satisfied that those AV fans out there will also be encouraged to engage and purchase new products as and when they arise; further boosting the ways, they will impact the industry.

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