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The benefits of installing AV Systems in your offices for 2021

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Have you ever wondered what an audiovisual system is? How does it work? What is it used for? Are they any good? All these and more are questions we hear people asking ourselves regarding audiovisual systems. The truth is that if you want to interact with someone or a group of people in a remote way, then you are going to need the aid of an audiovisual system.

What are AV systems?

Audiovisuals are the core components of any meeting technology. You cannot have meetings without AV equipment. The best part about the AV is that you can control the audio and video of every meeting at your workplace with a mixing system. In addition, you can also take notes, store material in notebooks and much more all through your audiovisual equipment.

Corporate AV equipment can be as straightforward or as comprehensive as your business needs. Suppose you host larger meetings and conferences in rooms containing over 50 people. In that case, you may need to look at video projection and advanced microphone systems to ensure you reach every delegate in the space. AV equipment is not just for those significant events, however. Many businesses use AV equipment in their smaller meeting rooms, intending to simplify and streamline their discussions and make them more accessible to their employers. Adopting screens within your meeting room may not only be a solution to sharing your presentation, but it could also show those attendees who are not in the room – if they are working from home or offsite for the day. 

Why does your business need an audiovisual system?

Video conferencing solutions are becoming increasingly popular as our world becomes more globalised. Video conferencing offers numerous benefits to organisations and businesses of all sizes, including attracting new employees, increasing business reach, and providing more training opportunities.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to have an audiovisual design within their building. Within the corporate sector, AV equipment can enhance your client and employee experience, both when presenting new projects or having a team meeting.

Video conferencing is more widely used as time goes on as it links businesses to their external employees, suppliers, stakeholders and supporters. Having the ability to see others through a video conferencing system saves time and is more encompassing for all those involved in a project. Conferences in business can be held virtually or more often in person during a staff meeting. A video conferencing system is an ideal way to bring people together for such events.

Phone conferencing systems also play a significant role in AV systems. During the year 2020, whilst many employees worked from home, these tools were vital in the success of many companies as they allowed employers to keep in touch with their team throughout the pandemic. Having multiple employees using the conference line meant that meetings could continue, and delays in schedules and projects were minimised due to the systems in place. 

To sum it up, corporations and businesses use an audiovisual system to accomplish a goal. Corporate and business needs can vary, though the reason behind their decision to use an AV system is usually similar. They need one because it is most likely the best solution for a problem and provides the best possible solution in accomplishing a goal in the most cost-effective way possible.

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What are the benefits of AV in your office?

There are many reasons to use an audiovisual installation. Some of the most common include conducting business meetings, webinars, video conferencing, lectures, corporate presentations, unified communications (video-conferencing), large-house installations, conferences, and so much more.

Let’s face it; most meetings are a pain to attend. Either you have trouble scheduling your time to accommodate the meeting, or the meeting itself is tedious and difficult to follow.

When your office uses audiovisual systems, you can be reassured that the meeting will go ahead as expected. AV systems provide a high level of reliability and ensure that discussions proceed on a timely basis. The equipment used in the AV system is easy to use and, when run by a technician or experienced operator, will not cause any disruption to the meeting. For most of us, keeping a critical appointment is more complicated than it seems. If someone running late decides to call into the meeting room before the start time, they can contribute to a “disruptive delay” within the schedule. It is understood that some minor delays are inevitable, but they could potentially cause severe problems in other areas of your business.

Having a reliable system in place will lead to productive meetings and improving the technical experience for meeting participants who will willingly contribute their thoughts and ideas. Collaborative meeting technology is the future of companies that have already started and shaped how we have worked for the last year. 

How Energy AV can help your corporate AV System

Energy AV can be your complete, turn-key solution for any corporate AV or videoconferencing needs. We are experienced in designing systems that provide the highest professional-grade audio and visual experience for any event. Whether it’s a purchase for a product launch, corporate meeting, or video conference, your multimedia needs will be met with our photo/video and teleconferencing services. Energy AV brings A to V (Audio to Video) in a seamless way to its users.

Energy AV operates under a strict belief that our clients are the strongest determinate in determining our success. We provide a wide range of unique services to help you create an audiovisual experience unlike any other. Energy AV is the ultimate resource for all your corporate AV requirements, from providing quality equipment from flat-screen displays and communication systems to conference room integration.

Energy AV prides itself on being a company you can trust to deliver on your audio experiences and advanced AV system. Energy’s experienced team are always on hand to support you with any questions you may have and will help to ensure you have the right set up for your business for years to come. Get in touch with Energy AV today and get your audiovisual ideas up and running.