Top tips to choosing the perfect event lighting

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Have you ever planned an event and thought, “I wish there were a way to light things up without the use of electricity”? Well, you are not alone! Party planning is no easy task. You have to keep so many different things in mind from decoration to food, to music. But did you know that enhancing your event lighting improves your guests’ moods as well? Learn how to choose the perfect lighting for your event with these handy tips.

Think about your event’s purpose

If you are the organiser of an event, you are probably considering the importance of lighting. Lighting plays a vital role in making your venue look impressive from start to finish, and there are many different types. Depending on the theme and style, the perfect lights for your event are essential features to consider when choosing. It is necessary to think about the purpose of your event at first because this will give you a better idea of which types of the light display will suit it best. For example, you will want to avoid using an LED wall display if you are organising a gala dinner. This type of lighting will not be ideal if you try to create a relaxing and chilled atmosphere (which is often what a gala dinner consists of).

Consider the ambience you want to create

Choosing event lighting is far more than just a case of selecting the brightest and best. We need to consider everything from the ambient light we want at our event to the mood that we want to achieve.

With a combination of bright colours, flashing lights and beams of light, event lighting is most often used to set the mood at parties, weddings, dance events and discos. It’s not all about style, though – the type of lighting will depend on how you wish to use it. Lighting is just about ensuring your clients can see and provide them with a visual experience and bring your ideas to life. 

The type of lighting equipment you decide on will set the tone for your event, so it’s essential to understand the setting you want to create and how you would like your guests to feel. If you are going for a corporate event with a sit-down dinner with front stage speakers, you will not want to have harsh strobe lighting as guests will find it hard to concentrate both their dinner and the speaker. However, there is no reason you cannot adapt and change your lighting if you are planning several themes throughout the evening, for example, a dance floor after dinner – intelligent lighting is becoming ever popular. It can make things much easier for you. 

If you are having an outdoor event, you may want to consider outdoor lighting for safety as much as for your setting. Ensuring your guests can see exit points and toilet areas is vital to reducing the risk of injury or upsetting your staff and attendees. Outside fairy lights, also known as professional string lighting, are ever-popular for many event types and can create the perfect balance to your event experience. 

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Consider your budget for your lighting before choosing your products

If you are looking to purchase lighting for your next event, you surely need some funding. Whether the budget is big or small, it’s always good to know how much an event lighting system really can cost.

It is documented that up to 74% of an event’s overall success is based on the lighting design. The right combination of lighting choices can create a stunning visual effect for your guests, making them feel more comfortable, appreciated and ready to enjoy their time at your special event. Ultimately, you want to leave your guests with a positive experience that will have them discuss the night for a long time after.

When considering your budget, it may be a good idea to speak with an expert team as they will advise and guide you to choose the perfect atmospheric light for your venue space and theme. Using a team of specialists will ensure that your event is correctly lit within your lighting budget.

Can your local AV Solutions Company support you?

Event lighting isn’t easy; there are a lot of different shapes and sizes you can use. There are a lot of different shades; using the right colour could create an atmosphere to boost your event. You also have other important factors to consider, like output, price, power source and durability. Choosing something you may have overspent for or going on a splash out instead of thinking about your budget will never be a positive outcome for anyone concerned. Plus, if it’s not what you expected, then it will reflect poorly on everyone else involved in that event – the venue and yourself included.

Event lighting is a vast industry, and there are many things you have to know when you’re planning an event. Events are more than just a party or a celebration, but also an art form that needs to be appreciated and felt. A well-lighted event can bring beautiful feelings of happiness and warmth, while a poorly lighted setting will make people feel cold and depressed. But hardly anyone has the desire to invest in spending months thinking about how the lights will unfold for their gathering. This is why it is vital to utilise a professional AV company to support you throughout the process.

Energy AV has been providing lighting and other equipment to the events industry for many years. As such, Energy AV has built an outstanding reputation alongside a team of experts in the industry. If you are looking for assistance with your lighting needs, why not contact the Energy AV team today and let them help you make your event perfect. 

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