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AKG C5WL1 C5 Condenser Head Cap for HT4500/4000 Transmitter

£141.00 Inc VAT

AKG CBL31 WLS Wireless Cardioid Boundary Mic 3.5mm Input

£270.00 Inc VAT

AKG CU4000 Twin Charger for WMS4500/WMS4000 Transmitters

£389.00 Inc VAT

AKG D5WL1 D5 Dynamic Head Cap for HT4000 / 4500 Transmitter

£95.00 Inc VAT

AKG DHT Tetrad D5V2 2.4GHz Dynamic Handheld Transmitter D5 Head

£205.50 Inc VAT

AKG DMS Tetrad 2.4GHz Bodypack System with 2xBodypack & 2xC111LP

£529.00 Inc VAT

AKG DPT Tetrad Bodypack Transmitter with C111LP Ear Hook Mic

£209.00 Inc VAT

AKG PT45 Bodypack Transmitter ISM Freq CH70

£114.00 Inc VAT

AKG PT470 CH38 Compact Beltpack Transmitter for WMS470 System

£199.00 Inc VAT

AKG RA4000W Passive Wideband Omni-Directional Antenna

£116.00 Inc VAT

AKG SR4500 WMS4500-Series UHF Receiver 8-Band 70Ch

£385.00 Inc VAT

AKG SR470 CH38 True Diverstiy Receiver for WMS470 Systems

£273.00 Inc VAT