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K&M 21337 Telescopic Speaker Pole with M20 Thread Bolt

£45.00 Inc VAT

K&M 21420 Aluminium Stand ideal for Small Speakers 12kg Load

£49.00 Inc VAT

K&M 21422 Speaker/Lighting Stand Bag for 2 x 21420 Stands 1.29m

£15.00 Inc VAT

K&M 21435 Speaker Stand Steel 2.02m 50kg Load

£63.00 Inc VAT

K&M 21455 Speaker Stand Aluminium with Spring Lock Screw 40kg

£99.99 Inc VAT

K&M 21459 Speaker Stand Package 2 x 21450 Stands and Carry Bag

£125.00 Inc VAT

Mackie DLM12 Active Speaker

£685.00 Inc VAT

Mackie DLM12S Portable PA System Active Subwoofer

£889.00 Inc VAT

Mackie DLM8 Active Speaker

£579.00 Inc VAT

Mackie DRM18S-P Professional Passive Subwoofer

£687.00 Inc VAT

Mackie DRM212 Active Loudspeaker

£749.00 Inc VAT

Mackie DRM215 Active Loudspeaker

£784.00 Inc VAT